About Honeybucket

Whiskey drinkin', boot stompin' tunes with a dash of sweetness

Honeybucket is a whiskey drinkin', boot stompin' trio with a dash of sweetness from the mean streets of Cleveland. Originally formed by Adam Reifsnyder was a member of the band from Halloween night 2011 til the band's end in 2018.

Honeybucket's debut EP Honeybucket featured the hometown anthem Ohio and a variety of songs showcasing each of the members’ songwriting and lead vocal ability. Primarily focused on original music, Honeybucket scored a hit off their second EP Stompin' Grounds with their Newgrass cover of Kid Cudi and Ratatat's "Pursuit of Happiness." 

In 2016, their song "Old High Road" was featured in 2016 as the Cleveland International Film Festival's trailer, and their song I Am Blind was included in the soundtrack for the independent film Gala & Godfrey. 

In 2018, Honeybucket released Adam's dark & brooding single Bad Thoughts (along with "Reveler's Reel" and Bad Thoughts Acoustic). The song, which was a big success with audiences and on streaming platforms, featured lyric collaboration from Adam's partner and one half of The Fairdowells, Lauren Morgan. 

Before ending their run as local sweethearts in Northeast Ohio in 2018, the band headlined multiple local festivals, performed with Kenny Loggins and on local TV, and have amassed over 4 million streams of their music on Spotify. Listen to the catalog below.   

Honeybucket Videos