about astronymer

synth pop exploration

Astronymer is the synth/pop/indie rock side project of musician, engineer & producer Adam Reifsnyder.

Astronymer debuted in 2019 with the synth-driven 2-song single Wild Eyes / Jukebox Girl, which were an exploration in electronic production. Astronymer followed up with a collaboration with fellow Cleveland artist Jul Big Green on the track Miles to Go which became the theme song of the 44th Cleveland International Film Festival. Collaborating with producer Spencer Martin, Jul Big Green and Astronymer released Miles to Go - Lonely Seoul Remix on Jul's album, 5am to Midnight. 

While there are some unreleased Astronymer demos, it remains to be seen whether Adam will continue releasing under this moniker or push them through Adam Reifsnyder.  

Astronymer Videos