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About Adam Reifsnyder

songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer based in cleveland, ohio

Adam Reifsnyder is an active songwriter, performer, and recording artist in the Cleveland, Ohio area. A founding member of both the pop group Walk the Moon, and of the Newgrass group Honeybucket, Adam Reifsnyder's solo endeavor focuses on an intimate folk-pop sound. He is also a member of the synth pop/rock outfit Astronymer (whose song "Miles to Go" with Jul Big Green was used as the 44th Cleveland International Film Festival's theme song), and the indie folk duo The Fairdowells (with his musical and life partner Lauren Michelle Morgan). The Fairdowells' debut EP, "Origins" was released in November 2020, just 6 days after the birth of their twins.

Adam's upcoming project - a 7-song album called "Better Late Than Never" - is set to release on Friday, October 4th, with a song release on the first Friday of each month from April to October 2024, starting with the relaxing "Sunday Morning".

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